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Different Types of 4D Lottery in Singapore You Should Know

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The 4D lottery game is known to have originated in Kedah in 1951. This belief is on evidence gathered in a Singapore court during a gambling match in 1956. A schoolboy traded his bicycle for $100 bills, which triggered the investigation. Every act had two digits. The winner is the person who has the ticket number that corresponds to the last two digits of the first prize of the winning number drawn in a Malaysian Turf Club lottery; this is the foundation of the 2D lottery and is what led to the birth of 3D and 4D in the 1950s.


4-Digits (also known as 4D) is a lottery type popular in Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. Players will be able to join by selecting any number from 0000 to 9999. Following that, the operator will draw twenty-three winning numbers each time. If one of the winning numbers is the same as a number purchased by the participant, it has a positive result. A draw is to determine these lucky numbers. It requires fixed odds at 4-Digits. Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:30 p.m., the results are announced (SG time and Singapore Pools). Singapore Pools is the first 4D legal organization to be licensed by the Singapore government to operate in the lottery industry. In and around Singapore, his name is well known. Singapore Pools is Singapore’s sole provider of this type of gambling. 4D lottery and Toto are two of the most well-known names in the gambling world.

Types of 4D bets:

Big Bet:

If you place a Big bet, you will receive a prize if your 4D number appears in one of the five prize pools’ results.

Small Bet:

If you place a Small Bet, you will receive a prize to draw your 4D number from one of the first three prize pools. Depending on the type of bet, you can choose to bet on a large selection, a small selection, or all. It is up to the player to select large and small bets, but you must also pick how you wish to participate in the 4D lottery offers. The following are some possible entries:

Regular Entry:

Regular Entry entails selecting your digits in a specific order. When the sequence matches any number from the winning set in the same order, you win.

System Entry:

Once again, you will select digits in a specific sequence. In this case, the winning numbers should only match the ones you chose and not necessarily be in the same order. The number of your winnings will multiply by the number of possible number combinations.

4D Roll:

You have the option of selecting three fixed digits and one rotating number. If your three numbers match the winning numbers in the same order, you will win.

Quick Pick:

When you don’t have specific numbers to choose from, use Quick Pick. The system generates random lucky numbers for the 4D lottery in this case.


It’s nearly identical to the system entry. Choose four numbers in a specific order. If your numbers match the winning numbers, you will win. The numbers do not have to be in the same order, and you will get a winning amount based on the system entry.

Any of these items and bets are available at online Casinos. The win rate percentage is a guaranteed benefit of using this website. When compared to most other Singapore casinos, anyone can expect truly high returns.

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